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After time, all wooden floors will show signs of wear. Scrapes, scratches, bumps, and spills all leave their mark; the cumulative effect is a floor that looks old, damaged, and in need of some TLC. When your floor starts to look worn, call Advantage Refinishing. We can reinvigorate your floor with our high-quality refinishing service. We strip your wooden floors to the bare wood, re-sand, re-stain, and re-varnish for a finish that looks like new. Speaking of new, we can also install completely new hardwood floors in apartments and in larger homes. Whether you need one room, or your entire house re-floored, we can handle the job!

Hardwood Refinishing

Many of the hardwood we do in existing homes are damaged and have old layers of finish or even paint that to some may think they are beyond repair. Our sanding and refinishing process revives this older wood to give it back its timeless elegance. This is done by refinishing process which includes: 2-3 sanding steps to remove old finish, scratches and stains and then a buffing process to make the floor completely smooth.

Array of Great Options

We have a wide variety of finish options including both oil base finishes as well as waterborne finishes such as Bona’s line of waterborne finishes, which are natural looking, durable and have low levels of V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds.)

Dustless Sanding Systems

Our dustless sanding system from Bona uses a two-step cyclonic intake with a HEPA filter, eliminating most of the dust created from sanding in your home. The Dustless system reduces about 90 per cent more dust than traditional systems.


Advantage Refinishing offers a wide range of stain colours of both Bona fast dry stains and Dura Seal stains. Stain colours may differ depending on the type of wood they are applied to. It is always best to do a sample colour on the actual wood floor beforehand.

Hardwood Installation

Advantage Refinishing will perform your hardwood floor installation from start to finish beginning with removing any old carpet to reveal what’s underneath. From here, we either sand and restore the existing hardwood floor or install new wood flooring of your choice. By adding hardwood to your home you are adding both charm and elegance.

Hardwood Repair

When your wood floors have suffered water damage, stains, or other damages, all is not lost. We are experts in these types of repairs and work on all kinds of wood floors to restore them. We can remove existing damaged wood flooring and replace it with new wood. Once the new and old are sanded and refinished it is virtually impossible to tell that they have been repaired. There are all different kinds and combinations of wood species, colors, grades, patterns, etc. to consider when engaging in a hardwood floor installation or replacement project.

Removal and Disposal

At Advantage Refinishing, we will help guide you through the selection process to help match your existing hardwood to your new hardwood.

We offer removal and disposal of floor carpets including the removal of staples, smooth edge and carpet underlay.


Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you’ll be floored by our great services!

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